Christine McNee @ 2016-12-04 16:58:32 +0800

Today it is our privilege to shout out to Fitness Fidelity Personal Training (FFPT), owned and operated by Jess Godwin and Dylan Fitzpatrick, two amazingly motivated and talented  trainers.  They  have assisted our brand with months of ongoing fitness trials as it moved through the development and refining stages to enable us to arrive at the release of our Performance Lace 6 weeks ago.

Jess and Dylan run a state of the art training facility located at Bushland Ridge, Bibra Lake in Perth – the equipment is the latest available, the space is huge and their tailored programmes are well planned to suit client specific goals and overall wellbeing.  They have a group of trainers under their FFPT banner, and a client base ranging from 10 year old's through to my age which is at the mid- century mark,  so they accommodate everything!

 Monthly measurements and weights are recorded, they offer both individual and ‘train with a buddy’ sessions to make personal training sessions more accessible to those of us on a budget, and when we go on holiday they can offer tailored programs to take away with you providing an outline of good, fast workouts that do not require equipment to train with.

We recently spent a number of hours photographing both Jess and Dylan in their gym facility for some promo shots, and we look forward to showing these pics off on our social media platforms in the coming weeks.

So again, thank you to FFPT, all the bootcampers and PT clients who assisted with our trialling and testing in that area of the fitness trials. You are absolute stars!


Connect with Jess and Dylan on Facebook & Instagram or visit them at fitnessfidelity.com.au