Jeremy Halloran @ 2016-09-21 10:58:35 +0800

Young or just young at heart... GLYDEZ no tie laces will give you superior comfort, quality and support. As a replacement to traditional shoelaces, they offer the same security and comfort you expect. With GLYDEZ, however, you keep them fastened, never having to tie your laces again, your shoes instantly become slip-ons. The Memory Elastomer ensures that, no matter how much activity and stress you give your GLYDEZ, they will rise to the challenge and always stay put. Anyone, regardless of age, can appreciate the simplicity, fashionability and quality that come with GLYDEZ.

GLYDEZ come in a wide range of colors to suit all shoes. Vibrant and attractive, they can complement and match any shoe in your wardrobe.  Using GLYDEZ is easy. Slip each of the GLYDEZ laces into the eyelets (holes for shoelaces), bring the ends around, and snap them into place. Once they are in, there is nothing else for you to do. Ever!
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Each pack of GLYDEZ comes with 16 units, giving you enough for your shoes. Buy them today to bring some color and excitement to your step.