Jeremy Halloran @ 2016-10-10 09:53:04 +0800

Are you tired of fumbling with your child's shoelaces in the middle of a busy street? Are you fed up with having to worry about your child’s safety with potential shoe lace disasters? GLYDEZ is happy to make life a little easier while giving you peace of mind that your children’s shoes are secure wherever, whenever. 

GLYDEZ offer a stylish, safe and functional ‘set and forget’ alternative to the traditional shoelace. Keep your little one excited to move, play, and grow with GLYDEZ, our no tie shoelaces allow them to express their own individual style and independence, knowing they don’t need to find an adult, or ask a teacher to tie their laces.

At GLYDEZ we know sending kids to school isn’t cheap, and at just $14.95 for a standard colour set of Glydez (16 laces so for kids that's enough for 2 pairs of shoes) , any budget can afford to Live Laceless. Glydez will support your child's foot as they grow, meaning you don't need to replace your GLYDEZ as often as you replace their shoes! GLYDEZ also offer a 12-month guarantee on breakage with all of our no tie shoelaces.