Christine McNee @ 2016-10-22 08:44:29 +0800

In May last year we started our journey of designing and refining an exciting alternative to problem shoelaces.

Throughout this time we have faced brick walls, teetered over the top and sometimes slid right to the bottom, picked ourselves up and dusted off, gained acceptances, taken knock backs, run miles quickly and then shuffled along slowly but never did we lose our vision of where we were going.  Combined with the massive fist punch moments which restored our sanity, we have now arrived.

TODAY we are very excited and just a little proud, to bring this Australian designed product to life for all of our family’s, our incredibly supportive friends,  and,  if you’re reading this - to our new GLYDEZ friends.

We absolutely love our Glydez and hope that somewhere within your everyday life, you also come to love the look and feel of something we know can revolutionise how we secure our shoes forever. 

Incredible feedback from many people throughout this time has been very important to us, and to see so many mum’s joy at not having to worry about their kids safety with trailing shoelaces, just lets us know we have got this right.

The rest of us, well we are all a little bit fashion conscious and this look works  - but on the efficiency side, skipping for a straight ten minutes at Bootcamp has taken on a whole new meaning  – there’s no recovery break whilst re-tying shoelaces now, but we are sure getting fitter because of it!

We could list for you the many stories and feedback we have received over these past months, but what we really want to say is that being part of a solution to many of life’s little problems, quite simply puts a very big smile on our faces.   

 From here, we look forward to your thoughts and feedback for the next stage of our Glydez journey – please stay in touch as you ‘mold’ what we do, and where we go.

 And last but not least, a big thank you from all of us for taking the time to visit our site today.